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Our high contrast baby products can help support your infant's early cognitive and vision development. Designed by a pediatric expert. Clinic, daycare, and hospital approved.

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High Contrast Board Book

14 high contrast images. Easy to clean, durable. Stands on it own. The perfect book for tummy time. Available in English and Spanish. Ages 0+

High Contrast Vision Cards

23 high contrast images. Easy to hold, diaper bag ready. Your baby’s development is always a priority, even on the go. Available in English and Spanish. Ages 0+

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Our Sustainability Efforts

Less Plastic

We want to eliminate as much plastic from our products and their packaging as we possibly can. Check out our blog post about our most recent sustainability efforts.

FSC Certified Materials

Trees provide the paper necessary for our products. By joining FSC, we are committed to sourcing materials that meet the highest standards of sustainability. Learn more.


We believe every child should have equal access to our affordable products, and we strive to accommodate children, parents, and caregivers in their preferred language.


Low contrast cards for preterm babies

Low Contrast vs. High Contrast

High contrast baby products can cause overstimulation in preterm babies (those babies born before 37 weeks). Support your preterm baby's vision and cognitive development with our low contrast vision cards.

NICU Friendly

Through our relationships with some of the top children's hospitals across the U.S., their NICU departments helped us bring this product to life.

Coming Late 2024 / Early 2025

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Apoye el desarrollo cognitivo y visual temprano de su bebé

A cute bear on a shelf with two products in Spanish, a high contrast board book and high contrast vision cards

We Value Your Child's Safety

We are fully committed to ensuring your child's safety when it comes to our products. All of our products meet or exceed all U.S. toy testing standards and pass our high quality requirements.  

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Meet our Expert

Maria Baldino

Occupational Therapist, Board Certified in Pediatrics

Maria Baldino, OTD, MS, OTR/L, BCP is a pediatric occupational therapist specializing in infant and early childhood development.

Licensed as an occupational therapist since 2015, Maria's focus is on providing occupational therapy services, including vision and cognitive development, to children and their families across various settings.

Maria is currently a clinical assistant professor with teaching experience at both graduate and undergraduate programs while also delivering occupational therapy services to children in the hospital setting. She is passionate about empowering parents and helping them feel competent and confident to impact their child’s development every day.

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"This book is so adorable. And it’s such a good idea! I am going to buy it every time someone I know has a baby!"

Amazon Customer
verified purchase

"The Board Book is the perfect little book to always carry around. The cardboard is thick, but not super thick. The drawings just pop at you. Very happy with this book."

Jeffrey, Amazon Customer
verified customer

"This is my new “go to” baby gift. Delivered quickly."

Kim, Amazon Customer
verified purchase

"Our boy loves staring at the different contrast cards. We highly recommend The Happy Start to keep your little one busy and start teaching them new words and objects!!"

Jessica, Amazon Customer
verified customer

"I got this for my 4 month old nephew and he loves it. It holds his attention for a while. The quality is very good, super durable!"

Haley, Amazon Customer
verified purchase

"I think the high contrast cards work fabulous compared to the other cards that are just white with pictures. These cards so sturdy and it comes with a clip to hold them to together. Great texture. It seems soft and you can bend it without wrecking it. The pictures are so adorable!

Julie, Amazon Customer
verified purchase

"I know this sounds silly, but this high contrast book has been the biggest lifesaver for me during the day. After I’m done feeding my 7 week old I usually try to get simple things done (a load of laundry in the washer, going to the bathroom, taking a shower, etc). I’ve started putting my baby in her crib on her back with this book and she will look at it for sometimes 20min without complaint! It truly makes a difference when you can give them a distraction and take a little break for yourself. Highly recommend!"

Amazon Customer
verified purchase

"This product was well made and perfect for a baby learning to explore their world. The pictures were big and easy to set up in front of the baby. Great learning tool and makes for a neat gift!!"

Jesse, Amazon Customer
verified purchase

"This hardcover book has Velcro to keep closed. Has bunch of simple photos of objects in black and white for infant. Can’t wait to use for my baby. Great quality."

Nicole, Amazon Customer
verified purchase

"Compré estas tarjetas para regalar a unos amigos que pronto recibirán un bebé y sé que les gustará y será de mucha utilidad para el nuevo integrante de la familia. Las puntas de las tarjetas son curvas y no lastimará al bebé. Las tarjetas ademas trae un anillo para todas las tarjetas estén juntas. La verdad muy prácticas. 💯💕"

Proof, Amazon Customer
verified purchase